Boone Funeral Home offers a complete approach to burial or cremation planning that honors and celebrates the life of your loved one. We specialize in prearrangement as well as burial and cremation services that are both unforgettable and affordable. Our onsite crematory ensures that your loved one never leaves our care. Boone Funeral Home offers:

· Arrangements that can be done in person or virtually to ensure the comfort and safety of all family members.

  • Services at all churches, synagogues and cemeteries or any other venue that you choose.
  • On-site chapel with seating for over 100 persons
  • Traditional Funeral Services followed by Cremation
  • Memorial Celebration of Life Services
  • Private Family Goodbyes followed with Cremation
  • Nonceremonial Cremation

When you are faced with the task of planning a loved one’s burial or cremation let the staff of Boone Funeral Home handle the details.

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